LISCA 2016 Winter Meeting

LISCA Winter Meeting at the home of Carmen and Sven Naegeli

At 2:15, Commodore Bonnie Zipeto called the meeting to order.

Secretary Megan Rathsack read the minutes of the November meeting.

Treasurer Marie Genteale gave the Treasurer’s Report. Marie gave a copy of the
report to Megan for the record.

Bonnie thanked the Executive Committee for help in the transfer of funds to the new
bank, specifically Mike Siegman for auditing the books.

Bonnie also thanked Carmen and Sven for hosting the meeting.

We went through the calendar of upcoming events.

  • Ann and Tom Taylor offered to host the Spring meeting , April 17.
  • Ed Brown spoke about the solstice trip to Liberty Landing, June 23-26.
  • John Amante spoke about the summer cruise.
  • Leslie Napoleon asked the membership whether we want to return to
  • Northport for the August gathering. She will check on accommodations for
  • Captain’s Cove and Norwalk as possible alternatives and we will revisit this
  • at the next meeting.
  • Marybeth Amante offered to host the Labor Day lobster event.
  • Maria Zanfini talked about the spring social gathering/brewery tour at Two
  • Road Brewing Company in Stratford, CT, March 20.

Membership Chair Aaron Hilliard gave the membership report. Bonnie said she
would like to build a good system where we can capture info from members when
they pay/renew their membership fee. That system is in the process of being
worked out.

There was a discussion among the membership about eligibility for family who had
a part ownership of a Catalina but now have a different make of sailboat. It was
clarified that members are welcome as long as they have some legacy in the Catalina

John Amante asked about getting some ground fittings for our moorings similar to
the ones we have in Stamford, which are easy to use. Existing tackle can be retrofit.
Marie Genteale offered to check on changing fittings in Northport and PJ.

We are still on the waiting list for moorings in Block Island and Fishers Island. Sean
McGuckin was the contact for the Fishers Island; was suggested that we update our
contact info for that waiting list.

Tom Taylor offered to administer a survey (once we have a solid email list of
members) to see what facets of membership they find most important or valuable—
the variety of moorings, social events, cruises, etc.

Kristin Havelka offered to send Bonnie the list of members in the Constant Contact

The meeting was adjourned at 3:15.

Respectfully submitted,
Megan Rathsack, Secretary