LISCA 2016 Spring Meeting

LISCA Spring Meeting at the home of Tom and Anne Taylor
Approximately 20 members in attendance.

At 2:40 pm, Commodore Bonnie Zipeto called the meeting to order.
Secretary Megan Rathsack read the minutes of the November meeting.
Motion made and seconded to accept the minutes as read.

Treasurer Marie Genteale gave the Treasurer’s report.
Marie then reported on business from the winter meeting: It will cost $150 to
retrofit the ground tackle for the mooring in Northport. It was decided to spend the
money. Marie also reported that Joe Schwarz is looking into the same thing for the
mooring in Port Jefferson.

Bonnie put out a composite list of members with information including name and
stats of members’ boats, contact numbers, emails, etc. and asked members at the
meeting to check and verify or correct their information.

Aaron Hilliard gave the membership report. A discussion ensued regarding the term
“Associate Member” and what that means. An Associate Member is a member who
pays the same annual dues as a regular member but no longer owns a Catalina, and
according to the bylaws, cannot hold an office in the organization. It was proposed
that members consider whether to omit “Associate Member” from the bylaws and
make all regular members. This issue will have to wait until the annual meeting in

Mike and Julia Siegman have taken over the duties of webmaster, along with help
from new member Shane Bouslough.

Bonnie went over the calendar for the upcoming season: Aaron Hilliard and Kristin Havelka will coordinate hotdogs on the beach for Memorial Day weekend in PJ.

Jim Percesepe will coordinate the event in Oyster Bay around St. Gertrude’s Carnival
on June 18-19.

Megan Rathsack gave a brief overview of the Solstice cruise to NYC/Liberty Landing,
June 23-26.

Volunteers are still needed to coordinate the July 3 events in PJ and Stamford.

A brief overview of the club cruise was given.

Leslie Napoleon reported on the August get-together. She investigated
Bridgeport/Captain’s Cove and said it really wouldn’t work for our group; not many
slips for large boats, and the water is really dirty. She will contact Northport YC and
see if they can host us again either August 13 or 20.

Marybeth Amante will coordinate the Labor Day lobster event.

A volunteer is needed to host the annual meeting in November.

Bonnie gave a brief overview of the tour of Two Roads Brewery coordinated by
Maria Zanfini Reilly.

Bonnie will pursue information on the Fisher’s Island mooring.

Leslie proposed that going forward the Spring meeting could be on a Saturday
evening as opposed to a Sunday afternoon, since people are usually trying to get
their boats ready at this time of year. It was agreed that we can try it next year and
see how it goes.

Bonnie thanked Anne and Tom Taylor for hosting.
We closed the meeting by going around and introducing ourselves and our boats.
Two new members were at the meeting: EJ Haskell and her husband Shane
Bouslough just bought their first boat, a Catalina 250, Kapalua. They sail out of
Greenwich YC and are friends of Stuart and Leslie Napoleon.

Meeting was adjourned at 3:35 and dinner was served.

Respectfully submitted,
Megan Rathsack, Secretary

Post-meeting update from Sean McGuckin, April 27, 2016:

  • Fisher’s Island—mooring will not happen, as there is no official waiting list.
  • Moorings, when open, go to residents.
  • Block Island—LISCA is #300 on their waiting list.
  • Stonington—LISCA is #108 on their waiting list; however, they are going to add 100
  • moorings.
  • Montauk is a possibility if we are interested.