LISCA Winter Meeting 2017

January 29, 2017

LISCA Winter Meeting at the home of Bob and Sue Flemming

Approximately 37 members in attendance

At 2:30 p.m., Commodore Bonnie Zipeto called the meeting to order and all in attendance introduced themselves and their boats.

Webmaster Shane Bouslough gave an update on the new website, which he expects to be fully functional sometime in February. He had it available for viewing on his laptop.

Ed Brown gave an overview of the Solstice cruise.

Ed Brown and Jerry Union talked about the two LISCA summer cruises—one in July to Block Island and back, and one in August. The August cruise route is still to be determined but may be more focused on western LI Sound.

Marie Genteale gave an overview of the August get-together in Oyster Bay.

Bob Flemming gave the membership report.

Megan Rathsack gave the treasurer’s report.

Bonnie distributed a flier with LISCA mooring locations and guidelines. To that end, Shane added that boats using the PJ mooring must have the mooring permit on board. He will post it on the website so it will be accessible to all members.

We are still looking for a host and suggested activities for July 4.

Bonnie also had fliers for Sea Bags, a business that will take your unwanted sails and turn them into tote bags, laptop bags, etc.

John McGuinness made a motion, which was seconded and unanimously approved, that LISCA send a donation of $100 to Connecticut Fund for the Environment/Save the Sound aiming to keep Plum Island a preserve. Megan will send the donation from LISCA. Information will be on the new LISCA website.

Both John McGuinness and Jerry Union shared information on a new bottom paint, Blue Water, being used with great success. Information on this will also be on the new website.

Megan Rathsack left with $302 to deposit (checks for renewal and cash from sales of LISCA shirts and burgees).

Meeting was adjourned at 3:30.

Respectfully submitted,

Megan Rathsack (filling in for Tom Taylor, Secretary)