LISCA Spring Meeting 2017

April 22, 2017

Approximately 14 members in attendance.

At 6pm Commodore Bonnie Zipeto called the meeting to order.

Secretary Tom Taylor read the minutes from the Winter Meeting.

Comm. Bonnie Zipeto summarized Megan Rathsack’s Treasurer’s Report.

Comm. Bonnie Zipeto then covered a range of updates on news, activities, and planning since the Winter Meeting:

  • The membership roster is now available on the LISCA website. Copies were handed out and members are encouraged to retain hardcopies on their boats to aid with identifying other members at events and LISCA moorings.
  • LISCA’s Boat US membership has been renewed. This entitles members to some Boat US discounts (but not insurance related).
  • There was a reminder of the Sea Bags business; they will take old/unwanted sails for converting into tote bags and similar.
  • Copies of the mooring locations were handed out. Also, the new web site now has charts for each location to aid with finding them.
  • Members should download and print out a copy of the Port Jefferson mooring permit and keep this on their boat. It must be available during inspections by the Harbormaster.
  • Copies of the Solstice NY Harbor Cruise were handed out.

There were updates on the summer cruises and events:

  • There was an update on the Hot Dogs on the Beach event, starting at 4pm on May 28, and organized by Ted Andre. If possible attendees should bring chairs and a table. Payment, $5 each, should be made by check to LISCA.
  • The Oyster Bay June 17th event conflicts with the Solstice NY Harbor cruise (June 15 – 18). Both events will occur and members should choose between them.
  • The club is still looking for volunteers for to organize a July 4th event.
  • Ed Brown has changed the summer cruise to Aug. 12 – 27 to allow for greater participation for members with children. A hand-out was provided, showing that none of the legs are overly long and that the event is meant to be relaxing.
  • Marie Genteale is organizing a gathering in Morris Cove (nr. Oyster Bay), also during the summer cruise. The gathering will be Aug. 19 – 21. And will include a side trip to tour the Roosevelt House – members who intend to do this should contact Marie.
  • Comm. Bonnie and Austin Zipeto will be in Block Island July 21 to 31.
  • Leslie and Stewart will be at Harlem YC, City Island, over Memorial Day weekend. Anyone interested in joining should contact them.
  • The Lobsters on the Beach event is being organized by Commodore Bonnie.
  • The sailing season will end with the annual meeting at Carmen and Sven’s house.

There was a brief discussion of the new web site. New members can use it to join, register their information, and pay through PayPal.

As a reminder, it was noted that the Northport mooring has a one boat limit. Members are asked to keep track of how often they use it, and how often they arrive and see another boat on the mooring. Also, there was some discussion about seeing if a second mooring is available.

Also, there were some members who felt that the label on the Port Jefferson mooring ball was worn off or not otherwise not clear. Comm. Bonnie will investigate.

There was some discussion about membership fees and mooring costs. It was agreed that if a mooring that the club has applied for becomes available, it should be taken and the fees adjusted as necessary.

The topic of membership participation was discussed. It could be that some members only join because of the moorings and do not participate in any events or meetings. There was some consideration of a minimum participation level but nothing was decided. Members are encouraged to actively participate in at least some events or meetings.

The meeting was adjourned at approximately 6:55pm

Respectfully submitted, Tom Taylor, Secretary