LISCA is open to current and past owners of Catalina sailboats of all sizes. We offer sailing events both on and off the water, educational seminars, forums with resources for the care, use, and retrofitting of your Catalina yacht, as well as cruising activities for our members.


About Lisca

The Long Island Sound Catalina Association (LISCA) includes Catalina sailboat owners who sail on, or hail from, Long Island Sound.

It includes over 100 member boats from New York and Connecticut, with an all-inclusive fleet of Catalinas ranging from 22 feet through 47 feet. It complements, but is separate from, Catalina one-design associations.

LISCA is recognized by the National Catalina Association.

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why join?

Benefits of membership:

  • Camaraderie with fellow sailors
  • Expertise & information exchange
  • Moorings in Port Jefferson, Northport, and more
  • Family cruises and raft-ups
  • Regattas and racing
  • Beach parties and social gatherings
  • Year-round activities
  • Boat US discount

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