Long Island Sound Catalina Association

Article I

The organization shall be known as the Long Island Sound Catalina Association (LISCA).

Article II

The purpose of the Long Island Sound Catalina Association shall be to promote the enjoyment of sailing, cruising and racing Catalina Yachts and socializing with current and former owners.  Activities may include social meetings, dinners, cruises, rendezvous, raft-ups, regattas, etc.

Article III

Membership classes are:

  1. Regular Member:  A regular member shall be an owner or part owner of a Catalina yacht.
  2. Associate Member:  An associate member shall be a former owner of a Catalina Yacht.
  3. Honorary Member:  An honorary member may be elected by the officers of the Association, but may not hold office, vote, and is not required to pay dues.  

Article IV

The annual dues shall be set at the annual meeting and be approved by a two thirds majority of the members present.  There shall be no separate dues for each class.

Article V

The officers of the Long Island Sound Catalina Association and their duties shall be:

  1. Commodore: The Commodore shall schedule meetings and other events of the Association, with appropriate input from the Fleet Captains and general membership; preside at all Association meetings; appoint special committees; authorize expenditures within the budget approved by the membership or authorized by special vote; and perform other functions as may be warranted for the proper management of the Association.
  2. Vice Commodore: The Vice Commodore shall assume the duties of the Commodore at all meetings and other Association activities in the absence of the Commodore.
  3. Secretary: The Secretary shall maintain minutes of meetings, and other records.  He/she shall also distribute ballots, notices of meetings, submit input on Association activities to the Mainsheet, and prepare other communications as required.
  4. Treasurer: The Treasurer shall receive dues and other funds and deposit them in the depository approved by the Commodore, disburse funds as authorized by the Commodore, prepare the annual financial statement and budget, and conduct other financial affairs of the Association as assigned. He/she will insure that any member may inspect all books and records for any proper purpose at any reasonable time.
  5. Fleet Captain: A Fleet Captain may be elected by members of each Catalina Yacht class represented by the membership (C 30s, C 400s, etc.). The Fleet Captains may schedule activities for their fleets in addition to the activities scheduled for the Association as a whole. The Fleet Captains will provide the appropriate liaison with the National Associations and provide input to their respective National Association sections of the Mainsheet. Fleet Captains will have a budget for miscellaneous expenses not to exceed $50.00 for the calendar year.
  6. Chief Measurer: The Chief Measurer shall verify compliance with class rules, maintain a file of all measurement certificates, and perform other duties as assigned by the Commodore and Vice Commodore.
  7. Association Membership Chairman: The Association Membership Chairman shall maintain Association membership roster.
  8. Rear Commodores: The Commodore may appoint Rear Commodores in several geographic areas. The Rear Commodores may schedule winter socials and summer weekend events.
  9. Past Commodore: The immediate past commodore shall be an officer of the Association and shall provide advice and expertise to the other officers. The person holding the office of Past Commodore shall be confirmed by a vote of the members at the annual membership meeting.
  10. Web Master: The webmaster shall maintain the association website.  He/she shall also ensure administrative functions necessary to maintain our domain name and web hosting are completed as required to ensure no service interruptions.

Long Island Sound Catalina Association officers shall be elected by a majority of the members present at the annual membership meeting. Term of office shall be one year. In the event of resignation or termination of any officer, the Commodore shall appoint a replacement, whose term shall expire at the end of the calendar year. Should the Commodore's position become vacant, the Vice Commodore shall assume this position for the duration of the term. A person may hold more than one officer position if so elected by the members. 

Article VI

Meetings may be scheduled by the Commodore and business may be conducted provided that a meeting notice is mailed to each member at least one week in advance. Ten members shall constitute a quorum. Robert's Rules of Order will apply, when requested by any officer participating in the meeting. An annual meeting shall be held in November.

Article VIII

A change in the Constitution may be proposed by any Association officer or member, and may be adopted by a two-thirds majority of members present at a membership meeting.

Article IX

The Constitution of the Long Island Sound Catalina Association shall be effective upon the signature of two or more Long Island Sound Fleet Captains, authorized by their respective fleets to join the Association. Upon joining the association, the treasury of that association must be remitted to the treasurer of the Long Island Sound Catalina Association.

Approved by the following Long Island Sound Catalina Fleets:

s/ C 30      Fleet 18
s/ C 34      Fleet 2
s/ C 400    Fleet 3
s/ C 42      Fleet 2 


  1. Changes to Article IV (Dues) and Article V (Past Commodore) approved by a unanimous vote of the members present at the LISCA meeting of April 15, 2000.
  2. Changes to Article IV (Dues) approved at the LISCA meeting of November 19, 2006.
  3. Changes to Article V (Elected Association Officers) approved at the LISCA meeting of November 15, 2009.
  4. Changes to Article V (Elected Association Officers) approved at the LISCA meeting of November 20, 2016.