Life Sling

Brand New (I accidentally threw out the packaging so I couldn't return it.)

Paid $140  Ask $95

Lifesling2 Man Overboard Rescue System Features: System includes flotation collar with 125 ft. floating retrieval line and protective storage bag USCG Type V PFD substitutes for type IV throwable device (life ring or horseshoe buoy) Simple and... more...

  • Includes Flotation Collar, Floating Retrieval Line and Storage Bag
  • Color: Yellow Collar & Line with White Storage Bag, Line Length: 125 ft.
  • USCG Approved Type V PFD Substitutes as Type IV Throwable Device

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Electric Winch

Almost new (used 3 times), changed boats and no longer need it

Paid $750    Ask $400

  • Reversible Brushless Motor
  • Efficient Lit-Ion Battery
  • New Gearbox Design
  • Universal Multicharger
  • Safety Chime Soft Start
  • Ergonomic Design
  • Dual Rotation
  • Unlike Right Angle Drills, Torque is very easily controlled so as not to strip the winch sockets

WinchRite ABT Cordless Electric Winch Handle

  • Powerful Brushless Dual Direction Motor with Rechargeable Battery
  • RPM: 0-120+ Variable Speed Gear Set
  • Designed to Work with Single and 2-Speed Winches with 8-Point Handles



Contact Bill Wolfe - or call 914-747-6258